Inventory of IDF/ISO/ACAC International adopted Methods of Analysis and sampling for
   milk products (IDF doc 350/2000)

Payment Systems for Ex-farm Milk (IDF doc 379/2002)

Quality Assurance and Proficiency Testing (IDF doc 342/1999)

Laboratory Accreditation and Proficiency Testing Quality and Safety of Raw milk and its
   Impact on Milk and Milk Products (IDF doc 345/1999)

Automatic Milking Systems (IDF doc 345/1999)

Hygiene Management System on the Farm (IDF doc 345/1999)

Milk Inspection and Mastitis Detection in Automated Milking (IDF doc 345/1999)

Economic Consequences of Mastitis (IDF doc 394/2005)

The Codex General Standard for use of Dairy Terms (IDF doc 397/2005)

Using concentrates in cow feeding (book in Romanian language)

Feeding cows in family farms (book in Romanian language)

Raising dairy cows (book in Romanian language)

"Quality Control of raw milk"

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