Current laws related to milk

Decision no. 1627 from December 10th,2008 regarding the approval of activities for which financial support is given to farmers from livestock sector in 2009, its amount, and the total amount allocated for each activity

Decision no. 100 from February 18th, 2009 amending the annex "The amount of supplementary national direct payments for livestock sector, by species, for the year 2008" by Government Decision no. 1.230/2008 to approve the amount of complementary national direct payments for livestock sector for the year 2008.

Order 445/4 July 2008, for the approval of the methodological norms regarding the organization and functioning of the Informational System for the food and agricultural products market and for the methodology of collection, processing, evaluation and distribution of statistic data.

Order 468/2006 concerning the approval of the form for milk quota request as well as the procedure for giving the quota and registering in the Quota register

Governmental Decision HG 924, 925, 954, 955/2002 is incorporating the EU 178/2002 laying down the general principle and requirements of food law, establishing the European Food Safety Authority and laying down procedures in matters of food safety

Government Ordinance 48/2005 organisation of the cow milk market, approved with amendments and completions by the Law 72/2006.

Order 1388/2005 establishment of the conditions for the approval of the cow purchasers and the application form for the approval and registration in the Purchasers register.

Decision no. 852-2006 approval of the Methodology for the establishment of the individual milk quota allocation, as well as the allocation and re-establishment of the national milk reserve.

Order 389/2002 is incorporating Council Directive 92/46/EEC. Order 1106/2003 (Ministry of Agriculture) to meet these criteria in three steps

Government Decision 1853/12.2005 modified by HG 258/02.2006 is determinating the subsidies for milk deliveries to processing plants.

Government Decision 1557/2002 concerning the approval for the mechanism of providing financial support for The Programme of Enhancing competitively of food products, completed by Government Decision 2206/2004. Government Decision 108/2006 modifying Government Decision 1557/2002.

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"Quality Control of raw milk"

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