The safety of foodstuffs is mainly ensured by a preventive approach, such as implementation of good hygiene practice and application of procedures based on hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) principles. Microbiological criteria can be used in validation and verification of HACCP procedures and other hygiene control measures.

Quality control of raw milk should be integrated in HACCP system of each milk processing plant. For more information on HACCP, click here.

The Romanian Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development has a developed a support programme to enhance the competitively of food products (National Founding Concerning the Implementation of HACCP System by Romanian Companies) and provides financial support for :

implementation and certification of quality and/or environment management systems

equipment and/or designs for laboratories and their certification

recording and protecting on external market of labels, inventions, Romanian industrial designs and models.

A presentation on this support programme can be downloaded. A guideline for application is provided at

"Quality Control of raw milk"

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