ISO 22000

Internationally, in the individual countries many HACCP standards have been developed like for instance :

The Netherlands is using "Requirements for a HACCP based Food safety System version September 2002"

Ukraine uses the National Standard of Ukraine 4161-2003 - Food safety management Systems

Turkey uses the Turkish Standard TS 13001 (March 2003).

All these standards in use by different countries lead into difference in levels of auditing and thus difference in HACCP certificates issued. ISO 22000 has been specifically developed to harmonize all those individual standards. ISO 22000 is officially available since September 2005.

The ISO 22000 standard emphasizes on certification requirements for HACCP and will further contribute to the standardization and harmonization of the HACCP systems worldwide. The standard also includes prerequisite programmes (Hygiene and GMP), System management (ISO 9000 approach) and interactive communication along the food chain.

Enclosure of documents ...

"Quality Control of raw milk"

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