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The Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development (MAPDR) has a well-organized, updated website at

ANCA is the National Agency for Agricultural Consulting and it is part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Rural Development

Consiliul Laptelui si Produselor Lactate is the product Council Milk and Milk products also called the Dairy Council. It was founded in May 2005 but became operational in January 2006. The purpose of the Dairy Council is to have a national platform in which farmers, processors and the governments is exchanging information on the current status and problems of the dairy sector and elaborate on specific regulations and laws made and/or to be made. For further information click here

APRIL (Asociatia Patronala Romana din Industrira Laptelui) is the Romanian Dairy Processors Organisation and has 25 of the leading Romanian milk processing companies as members and four associated members. APRIL represents the interests of the milk processing sector. Contact: Tel/fax 021-3133867.

AGCTR (Asociatia Generala a Crescatorilor de Taurine din Romania) is the Romanian General Cattle Breeders Association.

APCL (Asociatia pentru Promovarea Calitatii Laptelui) is the Romanian Association for Milk Quality Promotion)

ASIL (Asociatia Specialistilor din Industria Laptelui) is the Romanian Dairy Experts Association

FCCL (Fundatia pentru Controlul Calitatii Laptelui) is an independent non-profit Foundation for testing raw milk samples. FCCL was established in 2003 within the framework of a Dutch-Romanian bilateral project (according to the Government Ordinance nr. 26/2000 regarding associations and foundations) and has the state of the art testing equipment such as a Bactoscan FC and Combiscope.

Amongst others, FCCL has as purpose to test raw milk samples for :
   - chemical aspects
   - hygienic quality
   - other ingredients and aspects

Its activity aims :

   - to objectively measure the quality level of milk in order to provide such information to farmers and milk processors to improve quality to reach the European quality standards and the acceptable food sanitary standards

   - to provide such information to farmers and breeders organizations in order to improve their breeding and animal selection activity as well as their farm management systems. Program for enhancing the competitively of food products

Fondul de Garantare a Creditului Rural

European Commision in Romania

"Quality Control of raw milk"

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