What is milk quality

Milk quality is not related to fat and protein levels in the milk, these are milk composition aspects, but milk quality is related to:

Bacterial and biological level (i.e. bacterial and cell count)
Inhibitory substances such as dirt, antibiotics, disinfectants etc)

The quality of the milk determines the possibilities for a processor to produce the range of products and the quality of those products (i.e. self live).

More information on milk quality, micro-organisms and how good quality milk can be produced is proved in the brochure : Food safety begins on our farms.

As Romania intends to join the European Union, it has to comply with European rules and legislation. Until 31 December 2005, the quality of milk within EU member states was directed by Council Directive 92/46/EEC. This Directive was incorporated in Order 389/2002 by the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture. However it was agreed upon, with the EU Order 1106/2003 (Ministry of Agriculture) to meet these criteria in three steps, i.e.:

Step I : 1 January 2005 - 31 December 2006
      TBC < 1.000.000
      SCC < 600.000
      - Implementation of self-control programmes at farm level for milk quality
      - Monitoring of milk quality

Step II : 1 January 2007 - 31 December 2008
      TBC < 500.000
      SCC < 400.000
      - Implementation of self-control programmes at farm level for milk quality

Step III : 1 January 2009 - 31 December 2010
      TBC < 100.000
      SCC < 400.000

TBC = Total Bacterial Count
SCC = Somatic Cell Count

By January 1st, 2006, new legislation came into force with the EU-member states i.e. Regulation (EC) no 178/2002 laying down the general principles and requirements of food law. Within the pre-accession process, the Romanian Government incorporated Regulation (EC) no 178/2002 into the Romanian legislation under Governmental Decision HG 924, 925, 954, 955/2002.

A high level of quality awareness and control in the dairy production is maintained in the Netherlands. For further information click here.

Quality assurance programme for dairy farmers

To meet the demands of quality control on farm management level, the Dutch dairy industry and farmers have voluntarily set up a quality assurance programme for dairy farmers, certifying farm management.

The programme is called Keten Kwaliteit Melk (KKM) and was started in 1997 as a privately organised system. Click here for information on the KKM (Foundation for Quality Assurance on Dairy Farms).

The OCM-organisation is a foundation that inspects and certifies Dutch dairy farms. Click here for a presentation given at the AGRARIA 2006.

Strengthening the Romanian Dairy Sector

Since 2004, The Netherlands Government through its EVD Agency is supporting the development of the Romanian dairy sector by financing projects in order to comply with current EU legislation.

In 2008 a new project named 'Strengthen the Romanian Dairy Sector" started and to launch the project a kick-off meeting was held on Thursday 28 February at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. At the meeting representatives of the Romanian dairy sector , the Romanian Government (headed by Ms. M. Luca, undersecretary of State), the Netherlands Government and the Royal Netherlands Embassy were informed on the intended five results of the project, i.e.:

Result 1
The Council of Milk is operational and well functioning in its role as private counterpart organisation for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Result 2
A national development programme for raw milk quality improvement based on a checklist of critical parameters, training of raw milk quality inspectors/advisors is implemented.

Result 3
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is able to perform its tasks in relation to correct and unbiased data collection as required by the EU Management Committee for milk and milk products.

Result 4
The milk lab in Cluj is able to perform its activities in relation to milk quality testing in other parts of Romania.

Result 5
Training of experts in preparation and distribution of milk samples for ring testing.

The project will last for 18 months and is implemented by Friesian Agro Consultancy from The Netherlands.

"Quality Control of raw milk"

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