Milk Testing

Testing of raw milk is required to determine the composition (fat, protein), the bacterial and biological levels (Total Bacteria Count and Total Somatic Cell Count) as well as to determine the inhibitory substances such as dirt, antibiotics, disinfectants etc.

The results of the test are the basis for milk payment.

Samples from bulk milk or milk in cans should be taken after the milk has been thoroughly mixed, otherwise the sample may not be representative of the whole quantity of milk. Sample bottles are used to store the samples and are taken to the laboratory for testing.

Testing can be done at the laboratory of the milk processing plants, at labs of the veterinarian service or private testing labs such as at the Fundatia pentru Control Calitii Laptelui (FCCL) at Cluj, Romania

To test the milk for hygienic quality more elaborated, time-consuming test should be performed. Actually, for purpose of complete quality control all milk should be tested every day, because it is not possible to preserve samples to be used for bacteriological examination. Since daily testing is uneconomic, random samples can be taken at irregular intervals.

In view of the cost, not only the number of samples, but also the number and choice of the methods are subject to limitations. Large scale examination call for routine methods, which must be neither time-consuming nor costly.

Dairy plants must have adequate facilities to test the quality of milk received from farmers and other suppliers, and to check the quality of the various products. Small processing units generally lack the facilities for performing sophisticated test and analysis, but can send the samples to private labs or a number of plants, or establish a central, well equipped laboratory.

Within The Netherlands, one central lab ( is testing the milk from all dairy plants.

The Romania National Veterinary Agency and Institute of Hygiene are responsible for accreditation of laboratories at milk processing plants.

The purpose of the Dutch - Romanian Bilateral project is to establish a national supervision organisation which on behalf of farmers, processors and government ensures that testing is done in accordance to international standards and methods.

During a workshop on raw milk quality control held in April 2006 at The Ministry of Agriculture presentations we given on Supervision on Milk quality control while conclusions for establishment of a Romanian supervision system on raw milk quality control were drafted.

"Quality Control of raw milk"

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