Milk and milk products production at the end of August - October 10, 2013

The amount of cow's milk obtained from agricultural holdings and collection centers has decreased in the first eitht months, with nearly 22,000 tonnes, or 3.5 percent,the National Institute of Statistics announced. In August, Romania had 12.2% less milk compared to July, respectively a decease of 10,537.

Among the main dairy products, the worst situations, in August compared with July, was for cheese, "including cheese made exclusively from cow's milk (88.9% of the total production of cheese) with 1,292 tonnes less (-17.0%), followed by butter with 79 tonnes (-10.7%), acidified milk (yoghurt, drinking yogurt, buttermilk and others) with 251 tonnes (-1.8%) and milk for consumption with 125 tonnes (-0.8%), as shown in the press release by INS.

Even if the amount of milk deacreased, we have more consumption cream. In the first eight months the quantity for consumption cream increased by 3,696 tonnes (12,3%), for acidified milk (yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, buttermilk and others), by 9,801 tonnes (9,5%), cheese - including cheese obtained exclusively from cow's milk (89.5% of the total production of cheese), by 2,589 tonnes (5.6%), butter by 186 tonnes (3.1%) and consumption milk by 3,386 tonnes (2.5%), according to INS.

These production increases were recorded once the imported amount of raw milk increased by 59.1% from 36,741 tonnes in the first eight months of the last year to 58,460 tonnes in the corresponding period this year. (INS Press Office).

"Quality Control of raw milk"

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