Romanian milk, far below the European average fat - October 11, 2013

An European Commission study on the milk delivered to processors in the quota system, indicating a low level of fat in quantities from Romania, compared with the European average, informs

According to the data, the actual average amunt of fat in milk from Romanian manufactures and delivered to processors is 37.7g/kg versus 40.5g/kg as the average in the EU. Or 44g/kg as it is in the Netherlands - the country with the fattest milk in Europe. Milk with a lowe fat content is produced also by Bulgarians (37.05g/kg) and Hungarians (37.02g/kg).

Romanian local producers recognize that milk is weaker than in the countries with large production but do not believe in the veracity of the data published by European Commissoin, on the grounds that are provided by processors and unchecked.

"I think that statistics reflect reality in our case. In Romania, the data is provided by processors, while in the Netherlands, for example, the figure come from associations of producers. On the other hand, European Council obtain data from INS, data they do not check", has declared for Economica.NET Caras Costel, president of Holstein-Ro Cattle Breeders Association. (more on

"Quality Control of raw milk"

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