Romanian dairy farms are providing only 63% of the processing requirements! - December 11, 2013

Romanian cows are providing only 63% of the milk from supermarkets, according to a study conducted by the Competition Council, quoted by news sources. This percentage of milk will decrease drastically from January 1 2014, due to European regulations which require impossible to achieve standards for small producers.

Although on the milk bag or box will be labelled "Made in Romania", this specification does not ensure the fact that the milk comes from the cows from our country, but only that it was packed here. A statistic published by the Competition Council reveals that only 63% of the fresh consumption milk from supermarkets and hypermarkets is Romanian, 36% being imported from EU countries and 1% from the countries outside of the European Union (EU), as shown also in the sources quoted by Bursa. Dorel Secara, vice President of the Romanian Cattle Breeders Federation for local mass media states that is a big problem the fact that on the product packages is not mentioned home country.

He explains: "Herds of cows decreased greatly due to the policies of the Romanian state, from six million heads we have reached 1.2 million. But is a big problem, we bring milk from EU and it writes on it fresh milk, because we are not able to get a proper legislation to mention on the milk package its home country, not the place where is packed, because it can be brought from everywhere, from the Netherlands, and packed at us. Unfortunately, imports will increase, because from January 1 2014 only milk with European standards can be sold in Romania. All small producers who were making 20-30 litters until now they went to a collection centre, but from January 1 it will not be received".

The amount of cow milk collected from farm and collection centre by the processing units has decreased, in the first nine month by 2.7% compared to the same period of last year, while the amount of cow milk collected from the processing units has decreased by 18,385 tones. (More on

Author: Fabrica de Lapte

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